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I'm a ResearcherThe Myocarditis Foundation strives to spark the interests of medical professionals and researchers in hopes of advancing the development of accurate, rapid diagnostic methods and safe, effective therapies that minimize or eliminate myocarditis progression to heart dysfunction, failure, and sudden death.

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Myocarditis Research AreaResearch Area

Collaborate with other researchers through our password-protected Research Area. Once you’re approved by the Myocarditis Foundation, you’ll get instant access to the exclusive section!

Myocarditis Research and Grant ProgramMyocarditis Research and Grant Program

The Myocarditis Foundation (MF) awards funds to support research related to all forms of myocarditis research. The goal of MF’s research program is to advance medical knowledge on the disease and develop more accurate diagnostic methods and improved therapies with the goal of saving more lives.

Myocarditis FAQs and Research ArticlesMyocarditis FAQs and Research Articles

The Myocarditis Foundation was formed in response to the dire need for more information about myocarditis.  We’re here to help you get the facts by answering frequently asked questions and providing relevant research articles.

Myocarditis Research PhotosMyocarditis Research Photos

In response to a dire need for more information about myocarditis, the Myocarditis Foundation is dedicated to getting you the information you need!  Browse research photos and descriptions to improve your knowledge of this under diagnosed disease.

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