Oct 22, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Heart Palpitations

Having heart palpitations means that you are unusually aware of your heartbeat. They can cause feelings such as the heart skipping beats,...
human heart model
Sep 17, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Heart Education

Cardiovascular issues are among the leading causes of sudden death. The heart is an important organ that needs to function properly in...
woman browsing internet on laptop while lying on yoga mat with weights at home
Aug 6, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Don’t Put Your Heart Health on Hold

Due to the highly infectious nature of the respiratory disease COVID-19, the pandemic has led to many shutdowns of public places, including...
tennis shoes, weights, and an exercise ball
Jul 22, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Exercise During Myocarditis Recovery

Good heart health is often related to exercise, keeping blood pressure low and strengthening the heart muscle. However, exercise can...
doctor pointing x-ray result beside man wearing black suit
Jun 25, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Suspecting Myocarditis

Classified as a rare disease, myocarditis is misdiagnosed by physicians and is the 3rd leading cause of sudden death in young people. Most...
stress in red pencil
May 18, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Stress and the Heart

We all experience stress in our day to day lives, but the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic adds an additional strain to your mental health....
electrocardiogram heart
Apr 17, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Myocarditis Awareness Month

Myocarditis, a disease that causes inflammation and damage to the heart muscle, is believed to account for anywhere from five to twenty...
blood pressure machine and pills with pill box
Mar 24, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Life After Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with Myocarditis can be a challenging process. Learning that you have a rare condition that affects your heart can be...