21 Sep
Awareness & Fundraising - Myocarditis Survivors (Pediatric)

Myocarditis in Children: Incidence, Clinical Characteristics, and Outcome

Every year, roughly one in every 100,000 children is diagnosed with myocarditis. Though we know a lot about myocarditis in adults, the medical world still...
18 Sep
Awareness & Fundraising - Myocarditis Victims (Pediatric)

Recognizing Cardiomyopathy in Children

In layman’s terms, cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle. As a result of a defect, the heart muscle becomes weakened, swollen, or lopsided,...
17 Sep
Myocarditis News

Invitation To Attend A Chat With Our Cardiologists, Saturday October 17, 2020 9 am-11 am CT

The Myocarditis Foundation sadly will not be having an in-person Family Meeting due to the COVID Pandemic this year. However, Dr. Leslie Cooper and Dr. Jack...
17 Sep
Awareness & Fundraising

Heart Education

Cardiovascular issues are among the leading causes of sudden death. The heart is an important organ that needs to function properly in order to maintain a...
3 Sep
Myocarditis News

A Note for Nurses, but Most Importantly Emergency Room Nurses:

Since early 2018 the Myocarditis Foundation has been working on getting Emergency Rooms across the country to participate in this free education on...
1 Sep
Research News - Stories

Types of Heart Infections

Myocarditis is simply defined as inflammation of the heart muscle. It’s typically caused by an infection from any number of pathogens. However, “there are...
26 Aug
Myocarditis News

Exercise and COVID-19 Can Be a Dangerous Combination, Evidence Shows

Many of us, even when we are not feeling 100%, think that “I need to work through this and I’ll feel better; exercise is good for me…” COVID-19...
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