13th Annual Myocarditis Foundation Golf Outing

Where:  Arcola Country Club

When:  August 17, 2020

The Myocarditis Foundation’s Mission is threefold:
* Provide Education and Awareness about the disease
* Raise funds for Myocarditis Research
* Provide Emotional Support for those affected by the disease

2020 marks the  Myocarditis Foundation Golf Outing’s 13th year and the Foundation’s 15th year.

Joe developed heart failure 26 years after an episode of Viral Myocarditis. He fought it for 8 years until he required a heart transplant in 2006. He started the golf outing in 2008.

The annual golf outing has raised nearly $800,000 in the 12 years since it was started.

The Foundation has been able to start a Biobank for Myocarditis specific blood samples that researchers can request samples from for research. This is the first myocarditis specific biobank.

These funds have provided twenty-one Fellowship Research Grants and helped us in educating others on the disease, and emotionally supporting those affected by myocarditis and pericarditis all around the world. Some of our Grant Recipients have gone on to starting their own labs specific for researching.

If you would rather mail a payment, please download and fill out the following form and mail it to The Myocarditis Foundation

Golf Outing Registration Form