Matthew’s Story

Young Lacrosse Player Fights Myocarditis

MF Matthew Corso PictureMay 4, 2015: After another highly competitive weekend of lacrosse, running the defense with my long pole and spending time with family I was ready for another week of school. At 9:00am, that all changed! Not starting to feel well at school, I asked for a drink of water in gym class. After the second glass of water didnt seem to help me, I was off to the school nurse. By the time I arrived in her office I could barely walk and was complaining of chest pain and begging to go to the hospital. Both my parents were not home so they called my emergency contact. My neighbor Marie (my hero!!) arrived at school, listened to the distress in my voice and immediately brought me to our local hospital.

After a first glance at my EKG the on call doctor knew something was very wrong. My Troponin levels were extremely high. My local hospital quickly decided that I needed to be transferred to Boston Childrens Hospital (BCH). Less than an hour later, my parents met me in the ER of BCH and our Myocarditis journey began. Little did we know that this would be our new address for the entire month of May and some of June. BCH suspected Myocarditis from the initial EKG. As a result the BCH, ER team was waiting for me, 6-8 people all doing what they do best; EKGs, a chest X-Ray, an Echo and pain medication was administered. Then we waited. The head of the Cardiac Unit explained to my parents that I was extremely ill, and that I needed to be taken up to ICU for a 45 minute procedure to insert an IJ (internal jugular) central line.

My first procedure on May 8th was scheduled to confirm my Myocarditis diagnosis. Once the procedure started, my parents were called down to a consulting room immediately. It was explained to them that my coronary artery was blocked and they were in the process of clearing it. I was immediately put on blood thinners and 2 hours later I was back in ICU. On May 11th, I complained again of chest pain and was immediately brought to the catheterization lab where it was confirmed that my coronary artery was 80% blocked. The BCH staff jumped into action again and successfully inserted a stent into my coronary artery.

I am grateful for the Boston Childrens Hospital staff and thankful for their expertise. After spending the entire month of May, and part of June with nurses, doctors, therapists and various other staff members, I view them now as friends, and some even as extended family. I continue to visit BCH once a week as an outpatient and as I head up to ICU to say a quick hello I know I am in the best hands to help me fight Myocarditis. My fight against Myocarditis continues and I will not give up fighting this disease. since being released from the hospital, I had an ICD implanted to monitor my heart beats and its comforting to know its there if I ever need it.

Although Myocarditis will limit certain things in my life, it opened doors to others. I cannot give up on my fight against Myocarditis. I will also always support all of the people that treat this disease, care for people with it and those that are looking for ways to cure Myocarditis.