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When grief overtakes you, what do you do?

The loss of a loved one and or your quality of life weighs on the hearts of those affected by  myocarditis.

 Sometimes the thought of not knowing how to make a difference only increases the feelings of  helplessness.

There are people who understand and who care.

The Myocarditis Foundation is

in  the Fight of Your Life

We exist to fight myocarditis in three ways:


The Myocarditis Foundation is led by world-renown physicians, researchers and patients who volunteer their time. It funds research fellowship projects and partners with researchers in order to improve diagnosis and find new therapies.


Our greatest challenge going forward is the lack of information about myocarditis. But there is hope- the Myocarditis Foundation is raising awareness by sponsoring national and international conference sessions, supplying physicians with recent findings, and supporting family-sponsored fundraising /awareness events.


If you've been diagnosed with myocarditis or giant cell myocarditis, you are not alone. Although under-diagnosed, myocarditis affects otherwise healthy people each year and is a leading cause of sudden death.

Meet Joe, a heart transplant  survivor and a member of our  board.

At 18, Joe was diagnosed with an enlarged heart due to mononucleosis which lead to myocarditis, but after rest, he resumed his activities. 25 years later, Joe was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy and given a short time to live. After 6 years of worsening heart failure, he received a heart transplant on Thanksgiving Day in 2006, which saved his life.

Joe has chosen to give hope by working with the Myocarditis Foundation to raise awareness and promote research to end the disease. A day doesn’t pass when Joe isn’t filled with gratitude for the donor's family and hopes that no one else has to go through the same experience.

How will you give back?

Stories of Gratitude

We would like to introduce you to the wonderful people who have been  helped through generous donations to the myocarditis foundation.

I learned of the cause of my son’s sudden death 9 months after he passed. I didn’t know what myocarditis was. We found the Foundation’s website and I sent an email asking for information. What I received in return, was an explanation of the disease and an invitation to the Annual Family Meeting. I went to the meeting, and realized the Foundation was much more than I ever expected. The Foundation helped me understand the disease and offered the support and comfort of having people who have been through the same thing.


While I still have an enlarged heart and take medicine for  my elevated blood pressure. my concern was how could I  find a cardiologist who knows myocarditis when I move  away from my childhood home. I contacted the Myocarditis  Foundation who put me in contact with a very  knowledgeable cardiologist when I was relocated for a job  years later. The Foundation has been there to help give me  direction whenever I have a concern. Thank goodness for  the Myocarditis Foundation!


The Myocarditis Foundation played a fundamental role in my motivation to pursue myocarditis research throughout my career. I received my very first research grant from the Myocarditis Foundation. You will always remember those, who already trusted in you at the very beginning of your career. Also, the family meetings of the Myocarditis Foundation had a big impact on me, as I realized, how much responsibility we carry as scientist to improve diagnosis and therapy in myocarditis. From the start of my career, my focus was to improve early diagnosis. Currently, we are making great progress on that topic in our research using magnetocardiography.

Bettina Heidecker

Giving Hope is Three Short Steps Away

Your financial support means that we can fund research to end myocarditis and provide support to those affected by the disease.


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We have a variety of ways to support our  initiatives, such as direct donations or  through setting up a memorial page in  honor of a loved one. 


Find Meaning in Grief

Grief is complex and overwhelming, but  giving back brings meaning to it while  helping others affected by the same  disease.

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