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Myocarditis FAQs and Research ArticlesThe Myocarditis Foundation was formed in response to the dire need for more information about myocarditis, an inflammatory response that attacks the heart muscle leading to cardiac dysfunction and heart failure. We’re here to help you get the facts by answering frequently asked questions and providing relevant research articles.

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COVID-19 Resources

This following is information that the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) has offered to all patients with heart failure, caregivers and care providers.

Dr. Leslie Cooper has asked that we provide it to our patients as well for reference. These are all about Corona Virus and the Heart.

Please see the information below from the HFSA:

“In an effort to protect our patients, our members, and the public, the Heart Failure Society of America has developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center on our website. The center includes resources for both heart failure patients and caregivers and care providers.

The Resource Center can be accessed from the homepage of via the button in the upper right-hand corner or via the link in the left-hand main menu as seen circled in the image below.”

“The HFSA advises heart failure patients to follow CDC recommendations that patients at higher risk of getting sick and facing complications from COVID-19 (which includes patients with chronic heart conditions) should stay home as much as possible to further reduce risk of being exposed and maintain a routine to stay healthy at home.

HFSA advises heart failure care providers to follow the ACC COVID-19 Clinical Guidance For the CV Care Team to make plans and take action.

4-1-20The Myocarditis Foundation shares COVID-19 Updates for Health Care Providers

4-6-20Please click here tp watch Dr. Leslie Cooper, Medical Director for the Myocarditis Foundation, speak on “How Does COVID-19 Affect the Heart”

4-17-20How Does Covid-19 affect the heart? Please click here to see the following article from Mayo Clinic News Network

4-21-20Description and Proposed Management of the Acute COVID-19 Cardiovascular Syndrome

These resources and more can be found in our Resource Center.”

Visit the HFSA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Center

The Myocarditis Foundation wishes you all the best in the coming days.

For any additional questions that you may have related to myocarditis, please email: [email protected]