I Have Myocarditis

Myocarditis is a disease marked by inflammation and damage to the heart. Several thousand individuals are diagnosed with myocarditis each year in the US.

I Lost Someone To Myocarditis

The best way to support yourself and your loved ones is to learn from others experiences, educate yourself about the disease, and get involved.

For Physicians And Researchers

Our site provides up-to-date information for physicians, nurses and researchers with the goal of partnering to make advances in diagnosis and treatment.


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Dr. Fairweather Moves to Research Advisory Board

The Myocarditis Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to their Board of Directors, Giustina Schiano and Dr. Douglas Luffborough III, PhD. Additionally, Dr. DeLisa Fairweather, PhD is moving from her post on the Board to being a member of the Medical Advisory Board.

Giustina fills a newly approved Board seat representing families and their impact the disease has on them. Giustina lost her son, Lee Andrew Hirsch, in 2015.

Dr. Luffborough, aka “Dr. Luff”, brings years of business experience and expertise in the non-profit industry. Unfortunately, he has suffered the loss of a young child to heart disease and also has a close family member who is a survivor of Myocarditis.

Dr. Fairweather has served on the Board for the past six years and has made important contributions to the direction of the Foundation, in parallel with her professional role as Director of Translational Research and Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our new members are very excited to help the Myocarditis Foundation further our mission of education, research and family support with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

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The Myocarditis Support Community has members from around the world!!


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Visit myocarditis.inspire.com to participate

The Foundation’s support community now has over 100 members!! Patients, caregivers and friends are having valuable conversations. Recently many newly diagnosed patients and families have reached out for support. Click on a link below to view a conversation and lend a supportive word if you can.

Thankful I Found a Myocarditis Community ….. from a 23 year old nursing student

16 Year-old Healthy Son Just Diagnosed ….. from a mother in Minneapolis

Myocarditis – Living With It ….. from Jonah212 who was diagnosed in February


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12 Mar

Wonderful News for Amazon Smile First Time Users!!

Amazon is Tripling the donation amount from 0.5% to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible smile.amazon.com purchases between March 12-31. This is a great opportunity for you to donate to the Myocarditis Foundation while shopping for your family, friends, or yourself on Amazon. Go...


% More Men Than Women


32nd Leading Cause of Death Worldwide


% of Sudden Death in USA


Cases Last Year

About the Myocarditis Foundation

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The Myocarditis Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information to medical professionals, patients and their families, and to the scientific advancement of both the diagnosis and treatment of the disease with the goal of saving more lives.


The Myocarditis Foundation is led by world-renown physicians, researchers and patients who volunteer their time. It funds research fellowship projects and partners with researchers in order to improve diagnosis and find new therapies.


Our greatest challenge going forward is the lack of information about myocarditis. But there is hope- the Myocarditis Foundation is raising awareness by sponsoring national and international conference sessions, supplying physicians with recent findings, and supporting family-sponsored fundraising /awareness events.

Family Support

If you've been diagnosed with myocarditis or giant cell myocarditis, you are not alone. Although under-diagnosed, myocarditis affects otherwise healthy people each year and is a leading cause of sudden death.

How the Myocarditis Foundation was Founded

Featured Real Life Story

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My Myocarditis Story

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These videos are interviews from myocarditis survivors, family members of victims, myocarditis foundation board members and myocarditis researchers. Filming of the videos was funded by a grant from the St. Jude Medical Foundation.