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Family Support

If you’ve been diagnosed with myocarditis, know someone who has or lost a loved one due to the disease, the Myocarditis Foundation is here for you. One of our primary goals – aside from raising awareness and saving more lives – is to provide you with the support system you need to get through this difficult time. Whether you’re searching for information about your diagnosis or coping with loss, we’re here to help you understand the disease and connect with others who share similar experiences.

You’re Not Alone

Over the years, we’ve found that supporting patients and families who have been affected by myocarditis must remain among our highest priorities. That’s because myocarditis is the third leading cause of unexpected sudden death in young adults between ages 18 to 34, and many families who have lost a loved one to this disease had never heard of it prior to a tragic event. The same can be said for those fighting myocarditis – receiving a diagnosis for any disease can be hard to deal with, but the difficulty increases when patients have little information about their condition. Feelings of guilt, confusion and anxiety are extremely common, but there’s no need for you to grapple with them alone.

That’s where the Myocarditis Foundation’s staff, management team and Board of Directors make a crucial impact. We have experienced the physical and emotional effects of this disease firsthand, as either patients or caregivers, physicians, researchers and families. Myocarditis Foundation support is always available to you, and our knowledgeable and compassionate team is easily accessible by phone, email, website inquiries or social media.

Partnership with Inspire

Our mission to support patients and families affected by myocarditis provided us with the opportunity for a partnership with Inspire, a social network for healthcare support. Since 2005, Inspire has served over 1.2 million participants in more than 200 health-concern-focused groups. This partnership provides a free online community where Myocarditis patients, caregivers and victims’ families and friends can connect to offer advice and support.

Within the Inspire Myocarditis Community, users can participate in discussions about myocarditis, share personal experiences, keep a diary, create a profile badge and much more. To ensure a comfortable experience for all, participants can choose to remain anonymous or share as much personal information as they prefer. If you’d like to join, visit and register with a valid email address.

Annual Patient and Family Support Meeting

In addition to providing on-site counseling and online support, the Myocarditis Foundation hosts an Annual Patient and Family Support Meeting. Bringing families and patients together, this event offers guests a number of opportunities, including:

  • Education from leading myocarditis clinicians and researchers
  • Social time for participants to share stories and support each other
  • Classes on dealing with grief and loss
  • Service of remembrance to honor lost loved ones

For more information about the annual meeting and other events, please call 281-713-2962.

Myocarditis Foundation Support

Support from our donors does more than help us continue to raise awareness about myocarditis and conduct scientific research on the disease. Our fundraising efforts also enable us to provide ongoing emotional support for patients, their families and those who have lost loved ones to myocarditis.

Getting involved is easier than you think – from hosting a fundraising event to simply distributing our educational materials, increasing awareness about the disease is key in helping us raise the funds required to help patients and families achieve more positive outcomes. Contact the Myocarditis Foundation for more information and consider making a donation today.

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