Myocarditis Research Grants

Dedicated to Minimizing or Eliminating Myocarditis Progression to Heart Dysfunction, Heart Failure and Sudden Death

When it comes to improving the global treatment success of myocarditis, knowing truly is half the battle. That’s why it’s the Myocarditis Foundation’s mission to raise awareness about this underdiagnosed disease through heart disease research, grants, and public education.

The Myocarditis Foundation was founded by a volunteer team of patients and world-renowned physicians and researchers. Today, we are still led by this dedicated group as they spread awareness about myocarditis, giant cell myocarditis, pericarditis, and related conditions. By inspiring and funding heart disease research, we strive to help the medical industry achieve accurate, fast diagnostic methods and effective therapies for myocarditis that successfully preempt its progression.

Myocarditis Research Grants

In many cases, professionals who want to perform heart disease research lack the resources they need to do so. That’s why the Myocarditis Foundation proudly sponsors myocarditis research grants to help researchers as they hunt for a cure. We provide the recipients of these grants with a $50,000 stipend over the course of one year, allowing them to fully explore their projects and break ground in myocarditis research.

Aside from our research grants, the Myocarditis Foundation also offers a postdoctoral fellowship in partnership with the American Heart Association. This fellowship provides funding for a range of project types with a focus on myocarditis, including etiological, pathophysiological, diagnostic, and other work.

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