11 Apr

Pediatric Myocarditis Seminar hosted at Texas Children’s Hospital

On Saturday March 25th the Myocarditis Foundation teamed up with the Texas Children’s Hospital to provide an educational seminar on “Myocarditis,...
10 Apr
Research News

Visit to Dr. Fairweather’s Myocarditis Research Laboratory

On Friday March 31st, some of the Myocarditis Foundation Board Members visited and toured the Myocarditis Research Laboratory of Dr. DeLisa Fairweather. It has...
10 Apr
Awareness & Fundraising

New Myocarditis Foundation Website is Live!

Over the past quarter, we have done a major renovation and modernization of the Myocarditis Foundation Website. The website is functionally easier to navigate,...
10 Apr
Myocarditis News

New Finding on “Myocarditis, Heart Failure and Arrhythmias in Patients with Zika” presented at The American College of Cardiology

“Myocarditis, Heart Failure and Arrhythmias in Patients with Zika” That is the title of Mayo Clinic Cardiology fellow, Dr. Karina Gonzalez Carta,...
11 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Medscape Rare Disease Crusader: Leslie Cooper, MD

Medscape Rare Disease Crusader: Leslie Cooper, MD From 1905 to 1993 there were only 90 reported cases of giant cell myocarditis, the cardiac condition...
7 Mar
Myocarditis News

Myocarditis Awareness Need…

Why is it that every time an otherwise healthy young adult dies of a heart problem the public try and link it to drugs or alcohol? George Michael’s family...
6 Mar
Doctors, Board Members and Activists

Newest Myocarditis Foundation Board Member, Francine Andrea

The Myocarditis Foundation would like to introduce and welcome Francine Andrea to you as our latest member of the Myocarditis Family Board of Directors! Ms....
2 Mar
Press Releases

Want to be on THE TODAY SHOW representing The Myocarditis Foundation!!!!!

The Myocarditis Foundation is having our 2nd Annual Gala Awareness and Fundraising Event and our 5th Annual Family Support Meeting in NYC on June 22 and June...
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