8 Nov
Myocarditis News

Fellowship Grant Applications

Calling all researchers!  We are continuing to accept Myocarditis Research Grant applications for this grant cycle! Please refer to the Research and Grant...
24 Oct
Awareness & Fundraising

Life After A Heart Transplant

Four Heart Transplant Patient’s Thoughts on Living With a Heart Transplant For most patients, if they receive an early diagnosis, they are able to survive...
3 Oct
Awareness & Fundraising


Friday the 13th of September, 2019, did not scare away the 50 patients and family members  who attended the Myocarditis Foundation’s second Family Support...
28 Sep
Awareness & Fundraising

Letter to Help Our Patients During Subsequent Emergency Room Visits

At our recent Family Meeting in Philadelphia, family members requested a form or something of the sort, that could be kept in the wallet, mainly by a young...
14 Aug
Awareness & Fundraising

12th Annual Myocarditis Foundation Golf Outing

Arcola Country Club, in Paramus, New Jersey, once again hosted the 12th Annual Golf Outing on Monday August 12, 2019. The day was picture perfect for the 95...
5 Aug
Awareness & Fundraising

Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Announces Collaboration With The Myocarditis Foundation!

Kiniksa and the Myocarditis Foundation are working together to raise awareness about pericarditis, a underserved, painful and debilitating auto-inflammatory...
12 Jul
Awareness & Fundraising

Second Myocarditis Family Support Meeting

The second Myocarditis Foundation Family Support Meeting for 2019 will be held in Philadelphia, on Friday and Saturday September 13thand 14th. It will be in...
10 Jul
Awareness & Fundraising

Family Stories Speak to Tangible Progress and Meaningful Change

On Thursday, the 20thof June, 386 friends, family, impacted families, and colleagues representing over thirty companies, gathered together at the Mandarin...
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