10 May
Awareness & Fundraising


The Myocarditis Foundation had their latest virtual Family Meeting with almost 90 patients and families from all over the globe on Saturday May 1, 2021....
25 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Myocarditis Foundation Virtual Family Meeting Saturday, May 1st 2021 10 am – 12 pm Eastern Time

We are having another chat with our Cardiologists, both Pediatric and Adult, and will be accepting questions until April 19th to share with them for...
22 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

The 2021 year started out as a Platinum Year all around for the Myocarditis Foundation!

In 2018,  NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) adopted a set of operating practices to ensure that its member organizations maintain ethical...
19 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Exciting News for the Pericarditis Community!

On March 18, 2021, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of ARCALYST (rilonacept) for the treatment of...
17 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising


In a telephone interview recently with Dr. Leslie Cooper, regarding the updated frequency of the Global Myocarditis Burden, he explained that while the numbers...
15 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Giant Cell Myocarditis (GCM) Survivor’s Brother is Golfing “Fore” Hearts

Tyler Debusschere’s brother, Jackson,  fought and survived Giant Cell Myocarditis a little over 5 years ago. As a teenager, it was very difficult for him...
11 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Myocarditis and COVID-19…Where Do We Stand One Year Later?

It has been a year now that we have heard about COVID-19 and the potential risks to the heart from the virus. As the year progressed, the thoughts about the...
4 Mar
Awareness & Fundraising

Catherine’s Post-COVID Myo-Pericarditis Story

It was early January 2021 when I started having some cough, chest pain and difficulty breathing. It wasn't too bad, but I knew it wasn't normal. I had a...
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