Nolan Hannu

Nolan was just 17, less than 2 months away from his 18th birthday, when he was found unresponsive in his bedroom. CPR was started, but too much time had already passed, and it was too late.

This was a complete shock. Nolan did not report any symptoms to his parents in the weeks leading up to his cardiac arrest. About a week before he died, he mentioned to his cousins that he was tired and that his heart was racing. He’d had a viral illness about a month before, nothing unusual, that had already been forgotten. He was a healthy, athletic, and energetic boy who could run and ski for miles without getting winded.

After extensive testing of Nolan’s heart, myocarditis was found in the AV node. This area controls the heart’s electrical activity. The myocarditis caused a sudden, fatal arrythmia. The viral illness was most likely the cause of the myocarditis.

Nolan was exceptional and unique in every way. He loved adventures and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where he was born and raised. He was a talented skier, mountain biker, and photographer. He also enjoyed weightlifting. He was an avid New England Patriots football fan. He had a kind, generous soul with a love for his family like no other. He will be forever loved and missed by his parents and three younger sisters, along with many friends and family.

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