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Myocarditits Foundation in the newsThe Myocarditis Foundation is the only nonprofit organization devoting all of its resources to saving the lives of those who will be touched by myocarditis. We’re dedicated to developing and maintaining an array of awareness and educational programs for physicians, researchers, patients and the public.

We’re available to media for questions about myocarditis research and community impact. If you are a member of a news or media organization, please contact our Communications Coordinator:

Communications Coordinator: Gen@myocarditisfoundation.org
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Press Release Archive

5 Oct

Dr. Silvio Antoniak of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill

Awarded grant in 2009 Thrombin-PAR-1 Signaling in Viral Myocarditis “I conclude that PAR-1 activation is essential in the early phase of virus infection to...
5 Oct

Dr. Susan Wollersheim of the University of California in Los Angeles

Awarded grant in 2008 Cellular and Viral Determinants of Neonatal Group B Coxsackievirus Myocarditis “Sequence comparisons of more recently circulating CVB1...
5 Oct

Dr. Bettina Heidecker of the University of Miami

Awarded grant in 2007 Gene Expression Profiling for Detection of Myocarditis “The overall goal of this study is to improve diagnostic sensitivity for...
5 Oct

Dr. Daniela Cihakova of Johns Hopkins University

Awarded grant in 2007 The Role of Monocytes in Autoimmune Myocarditis “We have assembled evidence that EAM is driven in part by the Th17 pathway in the...
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If you are a member of a news or media organization, please contact the Communications Coordinator directly at (281) 713-2962.