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Mar 24, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Life After Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with Myocarditis can be a challenging process. Learning that you have a rare condition that affects your heart can be...
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Feb 27, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

February 29th is Rare Disease Day!

Did you know that rare diseases affect approximately 3.5% to 5.9% of the world’s population? That might not seem like a lot, but that...
Jan 17, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising

Infection Control and How to Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

We are presently in the height of the cold and flu season. As well, many of us are in close quarters with it being winter and being mostly...
Jan 14, 2020 Awareness & Fundraising


The Myocarditis Foundation wants you to know about some major events happening in 2020! Our 5th Annual Gala will be held on Thursday,...
Nov 22, 2019 Awareness & Fundraising

Giving Tuesday and the Holiday Season

As a “rare” disease, the overall incidence of myocarditis is unknown and probably underdiagnosed. In 2017, 3.1 million cases of...
Oct 24, 2019 Awareness & Fundraising

Life After A Heart Transplant

Four Heart Transplant Patient’s Thoughts on Living With a Heart Transplant For most patients, if they receive an early diagnosis, they...
Myocarditis Foundation
Oct 3, 2019 Awareness & Fundraising


Friday the 13th of September, 2019, did not scare away the 50 patients and family members  who attended the Myocarditis Foundation’s...
Sep 28, 2019 Awareness & Fundraising

Letter to Help Our Patients During Subsequent Emergency Room Visits

At our recent Family Meeting in Philadelphia, family members requested a form or something of the sort, that could be kept in the wallet,...