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Help Us Find Answers to End Myocarditis and Sudden Death

Myocarditis researcher with blue gloves comparing form against information on laptop in labMyocarditis is a complex disease, making diagnosis and treatment difficult. That’s why the Myocarditis Foundation provides support to researchers, like you. Through active engagement in clinical and lab research, the medical community can gain new insights on this cardiovascular disease, discover new treatments, make sure existing treatments are safe and effective and increase public awareness – all in an effort to minimize or eliminate myocarditis progression to heart dysfunction, heart failure and sudden death.

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Support for Researchers


Myocarditis Research and Grant ProgramRequest a Research Grant

When it comes to myocarditis, there’s still a lot to learn. To help support research related to all forms of the disease, the Myocarditis Foundation developed the Myocarditis Research Grant Program. Chosen on an annual basis, this grant provides salary support for one year of full-time basic, clinical or translational research related to the cause or treatment of myocarditis. In addition to the research grant program, the Myocarditis Foundation has also partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) to establish a postdoctoral fellowship program.

Myocarditis FAQs and Research ArticlesLearn More about Myocarditis

Since 2005, the Myocarditis Foundation has been driven by a dire need for more information about myocarditis. With the help of researchers around the world, we’ve compiled what we’ve learned into a comprehensive list. Check out our myocarditis FAQs and research articles to gain a deeper insight into how your research on this condition can help expand the medical knowledgebase for myocarditis.

View Myocarditis Research PhotosMyocarditis Research Photos

Although myocarditis is considered a rare condition, approximately 3.2 million myocarditis cases are reported worldwide each year. However, the disease is thought to be massively under-diagnosed. To help bolster your knowledge of myocarditis, the Myocarditis Foundation has compiled an assortment of research photos, complete with detailed descriptions, so you can see exactly what myocarditis looks like up close.

Help Us Find Answers

To save more lives, medical professionals require accurate, rapid diagnostic methods and safe, effective therapies aimed at treating myocarditis. Become a pioneer for myocarditis by joining forces with the Myocarditis Foundation. Submit a research application or connect with us by e-mail to learn more about myocarditis research opportunities.