The Myocarditis Foundation is proud to announce that Katelyn Bruno, our Assistant Secretary of the Board and Director of Communications for the Myocarditis Foundation is now Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD!

Yes, another Researcher in the field of Myocarditis!

Dr. Katelyn BrunoDr. Bruno has been working with the Myocarditis Foundation for 4 years while working on her Doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences at John’s Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her thesis was on “The Effect of Environmentally-derived Sex Steroids on Coxsackievirus B3 Myocarditis: Focus on Vitamin D and Bisphenol A”.

Dr. Bruno became involved with the Myocarditis Foundation in 2012 when she was appointed Director of Communications by the Board of Directors and began getting involved in several ways with the Foundation. She currently runs our website and Facebook page postings and has attended a number of fundraisers and every annual family support meeting. Dr. Bruno also attends conferences representing the Myocarditis Foundation to speak with cardiologists about myocarditis and increase awareness in the medical community. This past month Katelyn was also appointed Assistant Secretary of the Board for the Myocarditis Foundation.

Dr. Bruno will be continuing her research on myocarditis while pursuing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida under the mentorship of Dr. DeLisa Fairweather. Her focus will be on discovering biomarkers that predict heart failure in myocarditis and in developing new treatments for the disease. She will also continue her studies on how co-exposures of chemicals like endocrine disruptors can interact with common viral infections to promote myocarditis and DCM.

Dr. Bruno passionately believes that the work she does with the Myocarditis Foundation drives her to be a better scientist and work that much harder to help give answers to those who have lost loved ones to this disease

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