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Credentials: Genevieve Rumore is a Registered Nurse with experience as a Certified Nurse in Critical Care, Adult and Pediatric Emergency Room Care, and Geriatrics. She was also a Certified Director of Nursing for Long Term Care and a State Surveyor of Long Term Care Facilities. Not only does she have work experience in these areas but she also worked closely with cardiologists during her husband’s many years of heart failure. The heart failure was caused by Viral Myocarditis which he developed as a teenager after a bout with Mononucleosis.

I have known my husband since I was 15 years old. Cardiology has always been my main interest since my husband developed Cardiomyopathy as a teenager. I know the suffering, both programmatically and financially that he and our family experienced for so many years dealing with the devastating effects of long term heart failure from myocarditis. After he so miraculously received the gift of a new life with his heart transplant, both he and I devoted ourselves to raising awareness of the disease.

I welcomed the offer to work with the Myocarditis Foundation and can feel for those who reach out to the Foundation for answers. Every time someone thanks me for the work that the Foundation does, I know that what we do is so worthwhile and a much needed support system for them.

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