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Each year, young adults, children, and athletes of all ages – all otherwise healthy – are unexpectedly diagnosed with myocarditis. This rare disease is characterized by the inflammation of the heart wall and can cause chest pain, an abnormal heartbeat, shortness of breath, and sudden death in those affected.

For those who’ve been diagnosed with this disease, the Myocarditis Foundation wants you to know that you’re not alone in your fight. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to not only finding the cure for myocarditis but also providing support for patients living with heart disease around the world.

Educate Yourself!

  • About Myocarditis: Here, you can learn more about myocarditis, including its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • About Giant Cell Myocarditis: This educational page teaches readers about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of giant cell myocarditis.
  • FAQs and Research Articles: If you have pressing questions about your diagnosis, our team provides answers to frequently asked questions and research articles here.
  • Myocarditis Research Photos: If you’re interested in the pathology of myocarditis, our research photos with detailed descriptions are for you.

Seek Out Support!

Many have walked this road before you, and you may find that their experiences can help you cope with your diagnosis. To this end, we have created a video series titled My Myocarditis Story to provide you with helpful insights. In these videos, we interview myocarditis survivors, their loved ones, and members of the Myocarditis Foundation team to educate about the impact of being diagnosed with this disease.

These videos also show viewers how to find support after being diagnosed. To help patients traverse their diagnoses, we offer both patient resources and patient and family support. We also host an e-support forum called the Inspire Online Myocarditis Community. Here, patients and caregivers alike can meet to virtually discuss what it’s like to live with and treat myocarditis.

Get Involved!

There are many roles that you can play in the mission to find safe, effective treatment and diagnostic methods for myocarditis. At the Myocarditis Foundation, we help facilitate your ability to get involved through each of the following endeavors:

Attending an Event

As people continue to host fundraising and awareness events, we become that much closer to putting myocarditis on the global radar. Consider attending an event near you to help educate others about this disease and provide direct support to those who are directly affected.

Planning an Event

Whether it’s a sports tournament, bake sale, class project, or another type of event, you can help raise awareness about myocarditis by planning an event. Contact us so we can provide you with educational materials, advertise your event on our website, and more.

Practicing Political Activism

To help raise awareness about myocarditis, you can contact your local politicians and encourage them to act by sharing your experience and the challenges you face with the disease. By doing so, you can play a key role in the allocation of resources for caregivers and researchers alike, increasing public education, and more.

Making a Donation

If you are able, you can also consider donating to the Myocarditis Foundation. The funds we receive will not only help to further research but also continue to support patients as the world searches for a cure.

Support the Myocarditis Foundation Today

At the Myocarditis Foundation, we are inspired by patients just like you. With our resources, we hope that you can find the support you need during this time. To learn more about our patient resources, call the Myocarditis Foundation today at 281-713-2962.

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