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Mile’s Story

Piano and Violin Virtuoso Became a Myocarditis Activist Miles was Inspired to Help Others by a School Project In December 2009 when I was a 17-year-old high school student, I…

Joe’s Story

Myocarditis Survivor Serves on the Myocarditis Foundation Board of Directors Joe Considers Himself a Walking Miracle Mine is a long story…in 1972, at the age of 18, I developed chest…

Candace’s Story

LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE Laughter is good for everybody. All the experts agree. It certainly is easier to swallow than some of our pills. It promotes good health, strengthens…

Dr. Antoniak’s Story

Raising the Awareness of Virus Infection of the Heart Dr. Antoniak Studied the Interactions Between the Coagulation System and the Immune System After a Virus Infection The Myocarditis Foundation research…

Dr. Deng’s Story

Find Out How a Patient Survived Giant Cell Myocarditis and a Heart Transplant Dr. Deng Partners with Survivor to Start Foundation I became familiar with giant cell myocarditis while practicing…

Dr. Cooper’s Story

Discover How a 49-Year-Old Patient Survived Giant Cell Myocarditis Dr. Cooper Partnered with Survivor to Start Foundation  When I was a cardiology fellow at Stanford University, I had a patient,…

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