Find Out How a Patient Survived Giant Cell Myocarditis and a Heart Transplant

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I became familiar with giant cell myocarditis while practicing Heart Failure/ Heart Transplant medicine in Germany. A young, previously healthy woman died of giant cell myocarditis while waiting on the list for a new heart.

Two years later, I was the doctor on call at Columbia Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital when Candace Moose was transferred from another hospital via EMT in profound heart failure with a diagnosis of viral myocarditis. I suspected giant cell myocarditis immediately and ordered a heart biopsy which confirmed my fear.

The early diagnosis and immediate change in treatment allowed Candace to live long enough to receive a new heart. Throughout her illness and recovery, we formed a special bond which continues to this day.

With her husband, and others, we formed the Myocarditis Foundation in 2005 to raise money for research, to be a support for patients and families who have lost loved ones to the disease and to educate physicians and the public about the disease. I have been on the Board of Directors since the inception of the foundation and plan to continue to serve for years to come because I believe it is important as I have a personal commitment to raising awareness about inflammatory heart muscle disease.

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