Myocarditis, what a tongue-twister of a word. A word that most people never hear until it affects them or someone they know. A word that many who hear it, wish they never learned about it the way that they did.

One of those people who heard about it that way was Leslie McCarthy. From the day that her sister, Ashley Dale Sloan-Orme passed away from Myocarditis, she has made it her goal to help raise funds and awareness for the Myocarditis Foundation. She told me that she can’t control what happened, but she can control what goes forward. So she plans and organizes fundraisers.

You may ask, “A fundraiser, why do you do it?” She told me she does it because she doesn’t want anyone to experience Myocarditis the way that her family did. She wants people to know in advance. She wants people to be aware. She wants people to be informed. She doesn’t want anyone to endure the heartache that she and her family has had to endure.

Leslie says that by raising funds and awareness, it’s a way of remembering her sister. It’s a way of keeping her in the conversation. It’s her way of helping others living with Myocarditis. It’s her way of coping and to help others dealing with a loss to cope too.

Fundraisers do not have to be big events, they can be anything from a Bake Sale, a Mini-Golf Tournament, a Golf Tournament, a Dinner Benefit, Dine and Donate from a local restaurant, a Car Wash, a Walkathon, the possibilities are endless.

So if you are thinking of fundraising for the Myocarditis, you should. It’s the first step that is the scariest, but once you’ve put together your first event, the rest are so much easier. Be sure to enlist your friends and family to help you, typically they are ready, willing and able. The feeling you have after you have sent in the donations is uplifting. It doesn’t bring a loved one back, but it does make your heart smile. And, a smiling heart is a beating heart. My heart is smiling thinking about your thoughtfulness and desire to host a fundraiser for this worthy cause.

We have Fundraiser Guidelines posted on our website that may help you get started.

Thank you and the best of luck with your fundraiser !

Gen Rumore

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