This was the 10th Annual Event, that started out as a “Pond Hockey” Tournament but has grown to a larger event than could be handled on the pond where it started back in 2014.

Quinn Kirsch was an 8-year-old ice hockey enthusiast who played every chance he got with his friends and older brothers in Edina, MN. On January 7, 2013, after playing on a pond in his back yard, he collapsed suddenly and died. Weeks later his parents found out that it was due to Viral Myocarditis.

To keep his memory alive and raise awareness for the disease that they had never heard of before, his parents and their friends and family started the Quinn’s Cup Hockey Tournament. In his memory.  Kelly Kirsch, Quinn’s mother and Chair-Person of the event, stated that their event this year was a huge success!

She also shared that “It’s amazing how many people read the posters and ask questions about Quinn and Myocarditis. We were very successful in spreading the word & raising more awareness for the disease! We

Had many people asking about the Myocarditis Information Sheet, that the Foundation sent this year. They were very interested in talking about it. We had one man who attended that was in the hospital for a month with Myocarditis last year. People were much more aware of the disease than in past years.”

Quinn’s Cup has raised almost $200,000 in support of the Myocarditis Foundation over the past 10 years!

The Myocarditis Foundation gives our heartfelt thanks to the Kirsch Family for all that they have done to raise awareness for the disease and funding so that the Foundation can continue its very important work of Education, Research, and Emotional Family Support for those affected by the disease.

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