Dr. Kociol was Chair of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Scientific Statement in 2020 on the “Recognition and Initial Management of Fulminant Myocarditis.” He wanted to write an impactful paper to help others after he himself cared for a patient with Fulminant Myocarditis. He approached Dr. Leslie Cooper and together with other specialists, they wrote the Scientific Statement that today helps to diagnose and treat Fulminant Myocarditis (FM).

FM is an uncommon syndrome characterized by sudden and severe diffuse cardiac inflammation, often leading to death resulting from cardiogenic shock, ventricular arrythmias, or multiorgan failure.

Despite the increasing availability of disease-specific treatments, patients with FM experience significant morbidity and mortality as a result in delay in diagnosis and initiation on circulatory support and lack of appropriately trained specialists to manage the condition.

Dr. Kociol believed that the education of frontline providers, who are the ones most likely to encounter FM first, is essential to increase timely access to appropriately resourced facilities to prevent multiorgan failure and to tailor disease-specific therapy as early as possible in the disease process.

Together with Dr. Leslie Cooper and other specialists, Dr. Kociol led the effort to write the Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) which was endorsed by the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) and the Myocarditis Foundation (MF).

It was Dr. Kociol’s leadership that led to this Scientific Statement that has helped frontline caregivers to diagnose and treat FM, thus saving lives. His expertise and willingness to educate were distinguishing characteristics appreciated by many in the heart failure community.

Our deepest sympathy to his family for their loss of such a great son, husband, and father.

 Rest in Peace, Dr. Kociol.

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