Little Girl Makes a Big Impact on Others During Her Short Life

Caitlyn Made Every Day a Great One

As told by Lillian and John Vincent

Caitie was a wonderful 13-year-old little girl, or others would say young woman; she grew up healthy, happy and an all around joy. Caitie was one of those kids who would try to be nice to anyone she met, even if it meant going against the grain of popularity. She tried including those children who were not being included or befriending those kids who appeared to have no friends. Simple gestures like giving away her cookies during lunch at school seemed small but greatly impacted those with whom she shared those cookies.

Proud is just too short a word to describe how we felt about her. She was a straight A student and we took great joy in looking at each other and saying, “Genius.” Caitie loved playing the piano and played it beautifully, filling the house with her melodies. The house is so quiet without the sound of her practicing the piano.

We are so happy that we were able to help her experience so much in her short life. She traveled as a People to People Student Ambassador to England, France and Italy spreading goodwill among nations. She loved playing lacrosse and baking with family in the kitchen. We enjoyed watching her on the field and dining on her creations. During her time in her Mass Communication class, her catch phrase was “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours” and she made every day a great one.

On November 20, 2007, Caitlyn passed away from viral myocarditis. She had no major symptoms and everything looked like a minor cold. We may never realize the possibilities that might have been discovered had her life continued but we can strive to do something significant with what remains of ours.

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