The 2015 Myocarditis Foundation’s 2015 Fellowship Grant Recipient, was recently featured in Cedars-Sinai’s Discovery Magazine

Dr. Jon Sin’s winning grant proposal, “Coxsackievirus B Subverts Host Mitophagy to Promote Viral Dissemination and Myocarditis” received excellent scores from our Medical Advisory Board Members. Dr. Sin’s research was selected over the other submissions for its potential to impact the field of myocarditis research and make a difference. Based on his preliminary findings, they are now using a mouse-model of Coxsackievirus B infection (CVB) to test the efficacy of using a mitochondrial fission inhibitor to suppress Viral Myocarditis.

The article talks about his work on myocarditis and the differences he is making in his laboratory as a post-doctorate fellow.

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