The Myocarditis Foundation is pleased to announce that we are working on our panel of specialists and researchers who will be present for one on one and group questions.

We have confirmed the following esteemed speakers:

  • Dr. Jack Price, a pediatric cardiologist, Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital, and member of the MF Board of Directors. He is also the Principal Investigator of the MF’s U.S. BioBank, Pediatric Samples.
  • Dr. DeLisa Fairweather, a myocarditis researcher, and member of the MF Medical Advisory Board
  • Dr. Paul Hanson, a myocarditis researcher and most recent MF Fellowship Grant recipient

We are awaiting confirmation from:

  • Dr. Mario Deng, a member of the Founding MF Board of Directors and who presently is working with the Advanced Heart Failure/Mechanical Support/Heart Transplant division of UCLA Hospital. Dr. Deng will also be the Principal Investigator for the Myocarditis Foundation’s, U.S. BioBank, Adult samples.
  • Dr. Bettina Heidecker, a member of our Medical Advisory Board and former MF Fellowship Grant recipient, currently a myocarditis researcher from Zurich, Switzerland. She will also be the Principal Investigator for the European arm of the M.F. BioBank.

If you have been to our meetings before, you may realize that Dr. Cooper is not mentioned. He has a very important meeting with cardiologists and researchers from all over the world in Europe at the same time as our meeting. He had previously committed to them prior to our scheduling the meeting and the Gala. He will sadly be missed, but he will be with us in spirit.

We will be honored to have these other prestigious members of the medical and research communities attend our family meeting. They will be available for your questions as well as their updating us on updates in the field of myocarditis.

While our agenda is still in the planning stages, it will prove to be a very supportive event for our myocarditis family members.

We will be having a dinner at a nearby restaurant on Friday evening where we can rekindle old friendships or sadly make new ones by welcoming new members to the group. You are all invited to attend and meet everyone from the Foundation and Panel before Saturday’s events.

There is no cost  to attend the family meeting and all meals from Friday evening through Saturday evening should you register to attend.

The Saturday dinner will be after the meeting at a restaurant near the Warwick. This way, anyone who is staying elsewhere, does not have to worry about traveling back to their lodging for a brief time before traveling back to the dinner venue.

To help offset our costs:

  • Any and all donations will be welcomed to the Foundation
  • To place an Ad in our Family Meeting Journal, a full page ad is a donation of $125.00. It will also be our intent to also place that ad in the Gala Journal for June 21st (1/4 page) as long as room allows. Please get the ads to us by May 15th.

If you would like to attend our 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala on June 21st, and participate as an ambassador of the Foundation, sharing your myocarditis story with the others at the table you will be seated with, please let me know. The reduced cost of a ticket to the Family Meeting attendees is $250.00.  This cost is to cover the price of the meal. The full price tickets for the Gala are $500.00 a piece. Should we receive any donated tickets from the organizations that purchase full tables, we will distribute them – let you know as soon as possible if you’d like to be offered such a ticket (call or email Gen at the Myocarditis Foundation).

We hope that we will see many of our old friends and meet the new members to the myocarditis family so that we can help you through your myocarditis journey.

Please contact Gen at the Myocarditis Foundation to register for the events. (281) 713-2962 or email at: [email protected]

Please contact Giustina for Ads for the Journals. (516) 567-3911 or email at: [email protected]

To stay at the Warwick, use this link to reserve hotel rooms:

Should you incur any problems such as no rooms available, please contact Gen at (281) 713-2962 or [email protected].  She may need to add to the room block.

We are looking forward to another successful meeting and seeing you there.

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