“How the Myocarditis Foundation was Founded” Video Posted!!!

Hooray!   The day has finally come!

After finalizing our new website and video, you can view the first part of our Myocarditis Foundation Video, “How the Myocarditis Foundation was Founded” on our website. This was done with the help of a Grant in 2015 from the St. Jude Foundation.

The Myocarditis Foundation was started because there weren’t any resources for those who were affected by it, whether personally or families and friends. There were no resources for emotional support, nor resources for research specific for myocarditis. Hear and see Candace’s story and Dr. Coopers response to the need for a Foundation such as ours, The Myocarditis Foundation.

Please go into the “About Us” section on the top right of the Home Page and scroll down until you see it. It will be after “About the Myocarditis Foundation” and before “The Board of Directors”.

You can also view the video on  the Myocarditis Foundation YouTube Page

The family vignettes will be available sometime soon.

Thank you!