4th Annual Family Support Meeting, September 16-17, Orlando Florid

We are all set for the meeting and are looking forward to seeing our families who have attended before and looking forward to those of you who we have not yet met!

The venue is beautiful and the weekend will prove to be the best ever!

Friday Dinner, as well as Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.

All you need to do to register is send a check for $100.00 per person to:

The Myocarditis Foundation

3518 Echo Mountain Drive

Kingwood, Texas 77345

If you prefer to use a charge card, we are asking that you pay the fees so that the cost of the Registration is $105.00 per person for credit card (either via PayPal or call to me at the Myocarditis Foundation (281) 713-2962.)

Please remember to call and make your room reservations to:

(407) 586-0000  or  (877) 350-3236 

Please Only mention the Myocarditis Foundation Room Block

The contracted room rate is $215.00, plus $20.00 Resort Fee, plus Taxes.

The Gaylord Hotel is 1st stop from the airport on the Meers Shuttle, which you can get at the airport ground transportation area. Round trip is only $36.00 per person, and very reliable and reasonably priced.

Please don’t forget to place your ads in our Journal  to send messages of remembrance, gratitude or inspiration, promote your business, etc., to help offset the costs to the Myocarditis Foundation of the meeting and meals.

The Ads and any pictures should be sent in pdf format to: [email protected]   Please call Gen at (281) 713-2962 with any questions.

Deadline for the Ad Submission is July 21st.

Costs of the Journal Ads:

Back Cover: $1,500.00     (8 x 5)

Inside Covers: $1,000.00 (8 x 5)

Full Page: $100.00             (8 x 5)

Half Page: $50.00              (3.875 x 5)

Please come and join us for a weekend of friendship, support and healing. We all look forward to seeing you there.

Space is limited to the first 100 registrants.

Best regards, Gen Rumore

Executive Director