“Small Business Shopping Saturday”

As you shop today in those small stores to support local business, think about the Myocarditis Foundation.

While we are small in stature, we help so many around the world understand the disease we know as Myocarditis.

Where would so many be without the Myocarditis Foundation…in our 10 short years of existence we have awarded almost $500,000 in Research Grants specific to Myocarditis Research, our Website receives over 30,000 hits a month from people all over the world looking for information and answers on Myocarditis, and we receive phone calls and emails from people looking for answers about myocarditis…

What would they do if we were not there for them

Please DONATE to the Myocarditis Foundation on # Giving Tuesday, December 1st .

Please go onto our website, myocarditis.viewsamplesite.com and download a donation form which you can mail in, or simply hit the DONATE button and donate via PayPal with your credit card. You can get points for other purchases that way!

Thank you for helping the Myocarditis Foundation…we cannot do it without you !