Little Brother:

Mark Ryan Summers was a 17-year-old high school senior set to graduate in 2012. He was into everything tech and was amazing with a computer. He loved playing card games with his friends and was the best son and brother his family could ask for.

Mark Ryan Summers

Mark wasn’t feeling well for a few days, so on Tuesday February 7th his mom took him to the ER because he was complaining of some chest pain along with just feeling sick. They did an EKG and were told that everything was good. The ER sent him home with advice of taking cold meds and Tums.

On Sunday February 12th, 2012, Mark passed away peacefully in his sleep. While his family believes everything happens for a reason, had doctors at their local hospital


been more aware of Myocarditis in children and young adults, maybe things would be different today and Mark would have been physically at their wedding.

If only those doctors had done a Troponin Level or looked further to see the real cause of Mark’s chest pain… On the other hand, maybe the damage to his heart was already too much. They will never know…

This is why the Summers’ family feel the work of the Myocarditis Foundation is so important. Awareness is key!

They enjoy talking about Mark any chance they get…it keeps his memory alive in all of them. It also keeps the awareness of Myocarditis going!

Big Sister:

Jodi, Mark’s older sister, was planning her wedding to an amazing man named Adam. Although Adam had only met Mark a few times, he knew how important he was to their family. Adam talks about him to others to spread the awareness as well.

Jodi and Adam Pattisall

Mark’s mother, Susan Summers and his sister Jodi have been huge supporters of the Foundation since finding it when Mark passed away in 2012. So, Adam and Jodi decided that for their wedding, they would ask guests not to bring gifts or cards with money. They felt everyone’s presence on that day was truly a gift in and of itself.  However, if their guests felt the absolute need to gift them with something, they asked them to please donate to the Myocarditis Foundation in memory of Mark.

The Myocarditis Foundation received over $3,000 in memory of Mark!

Jodi and Adam are extremely thankful to everyone that donated and very proud to do their part in raising support for the Myocarditis Foundation so that they can continue to do all that they do for patients and families affected by Myocarditis.

Congratulations and many thanks to the new Mr. & Mrs. Adam Pattisall ❤️


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