Due to the highly infectious nature of the respiratory disease COVID-19, the pandemic has led to many shutdowns of public places, including gyms. However, gyms and expensive machines aren’t the only way to get the proper exercise you need to keep your heart healthy. Instead of falling into bad habits or losing all motivation to work out, consider these gym alternatives to get your heart rate going from the safety of your home.

You should always consult your physician or another healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. 

Download an app

Just as there is an app for everything, there’s an app for replacing your gym with home workouts. Many apps help track your progress and keep you motivated to continue a routine to stay on track. Android and iOS users alike can find apps for specific types of exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, or general workout training with professionals. Luckily, most apps are extending their free trial periods during the pandemic, so finding the right one for you means you will be able to stick with it without worrying about new membership costs to replace your gym membership.

Find videos for free online

In addition to the exercise videos found on apps, gyms and professional trainers alike have been uploading free content for their followers. Many YouTube trainers have certifications in their fields of expertise from organizations like the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), so you can trust the program they present. 

Walk or jog outside

By walking or running your trail when you know there will be fewer people outside, you can safely enjoy the outdoors while getting in a good exercise. As a precaution, bring a simple cloth mask with you in case you enter an area with more people than you expected in case you are not able to safely pass by without social distancing. Consider all the possible obstacles you may face on your path before starting to ensure you will be able to run safely outdoors.

It’s a well-known fact that exercise is good for you, so a pandemic is not the time to put your heart health on hold. 

However, if you have been diagnosed with myocarditis, it is not recommended that you return to exercise for at least three to six months, and that is dependent on your situation and your cardiologist. Every case is different and it depends on your cardiac function. Get more information about myocarditis and real-life stories of survivors by signing up for our newsletter.

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