Dr. Silvio Antoniak is Finalist for AHA Early Career Investigator Award Due to Research Completed During Myocarditis Foundation’s Fellowship Grant Period

Dr. Silvio AntoniakThe Myocarditis Foundation is happy to announce that Dr. Silvio Antoniak, on of our research grant recipients, is a finalist for this year’s American Heart Association’s Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology’s (ATVB) 2012 ATVB Early Career Investigator Award. The final round will be at the AHA Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles.

Dr. Antoniak states, “The data for the submitted and selected manuscript were obtained during the support by my Myocarditis Foundation Fellowship (grant). I am very thankful for the foundations support and hope that I can spread the word about myocarditis and the foundation’s goals during the final presentation/round.”

We wish him the best of luck and will have an update when the final round is complete. Congratulations Dr. Antoniak!

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