The Myocarditis Foundation is a 501c3 Charity which receives over 30,000 unique visitors to our website a month. 

As well, the Office receives many phone calls and emails from all over the world asking for help on what to do and where to turn for help. 

These are just a few things that the professionals at the Myocarditis Foundation deal with on a daily basis. We strive to respond to emailed requests for help as soon as possible, often within hours and sometimes minutes of their contact to the foundation. These are handled on an around the clock basis, often surprising the requester with such a quick response.

At the Myocarditis Foundation, the majority of us have been either personally or professionally involved with Myocarditis and understand the importance of a quick response, even if only for the emotional support it can provide.

Where would people go if we were not here to help?

This is a large part of our Mission…helping those that have been affected by the disease.

Myocarditis is considered a rare disease, and as such was not taught in depth in medical schools until recently. Over the recent past number of years, our specialists have conducted educational programs for physicians, to raise awareness of the disease.  We have started educational programs for nurses and nurse practitioners, especially those in Emergency Rooms (ER) or those who see patients in independent settings. We know that the sooner a person is correctly diagnosed with myocarditis, the better the outcome is for them. 

We have had families call the Foundation and thank us for educating nurses on Myocarditis. They have told us that it was the nurse that said to the doctor, “Could this be Myocarditis? when the doctor wasn’t sure what was happening with the patient. 

This is another large part of our Mission…educating both the public as well as those in the medical field on the disease.

Why give to the Myocarditis Foundation?

The Myocarditis Foundation has Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency. Only 0.82% of Non-Profits have the Gold Seal of Approval and only 0.63% have the Platinum Seal of Approval. 

Our expense ratio is 11%. (Anything under 15% is considered excellent in the realm of non-profits.)

This year has brought change to every aspect of our lives. We have truly felt the financial impact of the COVID Pandemic. There are major changes this year when donating to Non-Profits. The CARES Act has offered two new tax benefits for donors to Non-Profits.

If you do itemize your deductions, they have raised the cap on charitable giving from 60% to 100%. Thus, all your donations to Non-Profits are tax deductible.

If you do not itemize your charitable donations, you can now deduct up to $300. For charitable contributions with the Standard Deduction.

Either way, these advantages for you as a taxpayer end December 31st, 2020.

Please help us be there, to help those in need who are suffering from the effects of Myocarditis. Donate online today. Thank you very much for your caring and generosity.

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