The RESONANCE Recurrent Pericarditis Patient Registry Website is now up and running!

This Registry will give a voice to people living with recurrent pericarditis.

The requirement is that you have had one episode of Pericarditis and at least one additional episode without a defined reason as to why it is occurring, and that you live in the U.S.

Pericarditis can come and go and be very disabling and restricting to a person’s activities of daily living, ability to work or go to school, even if you do not return to the hospital.

It is for both children as well as adults.

Your cardiologist does not have to be participating in the Registry for you to participate.

You will fill out a patient questionnaire and complete surveys that will be sent to you every 3 months for up to 5 years. You will be monetarily compensated for your time, quarterly.

Exclusions to participation: Tuberculosis, Cancer, if not in full remission, history of Trauma to the Chest, Auto-Immune Diseases, and a diagnosis of Myocarditis. (These all have their own treatments and would “muddy the waters” for clarity purposes.)

Learn more about it at: 

Scroll down the page to listen to the webinar that explains it all in simple terms.

“RESONANCE Patient Registry giving a voice to people living with recurrent Pericarditis”

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