Dr. Tahir Kafil, is one of the Myocarditis Foundation’s Fellowship Grant Recipients from December, 2021. He worked with Dr. Peter Liu, at the Ottawa Heart Institute, in Canada and has since transitioned to continuing his work in Myocarditis Research at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio. He recently concluded a study and wrote a paper on diagnosing myocarditis, which was co-authored with Dr. Peter Liu, and published on May 14, 2024 in the European Heart Journal.

Sadly, there had been very limited research in myocarditis since the 1990’s. With the COVID pandemic, the number of those affected by COVID caused the number of myocarditis cases to rise, prompting further research into the disease.

In the past, cardiac biopsy was the golden standard to diagnosing myocarditis. However, not every institution has the capability to perform cardiac biopsies, and often many can be false negatives if the biopsy is not from the affected area.

Throughout the years since the last rounds of myocarditis research, many other diagnostic tests have been developed, which are now helping to improve the earlier diagnosing of myocarditis.

Many researchers are working on a better pathway to the diagnosing of myocarditis. Please click on the link below to read about Dr. Kafil’s study and get an overview of it on page 1 in the “Graphical Abstract”.

Myocarditis diagnosis: harnessing order amongst heterogeneity through collaboration
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