I know there are some of you out there that would love to do something in the line of fundraising for Myocarditis, but you just don’t know how to go about it. It really isn’t all that hard to do. It can be anything from a donation jar in a convenience to a full blown event for an entire day. I know, we’ve done them both. Just pick something and run with it. Some ideas you could try, car wash, poker run, walk/run, host an event, ask the victim’s/survivor’s place of employment to host a barbecue for their employees and donate the proceeds, if it’s a child contact the school, maybe you could do something at an athletic event. A penny jar contest always goes over big at the school where I work. Just have each class in school bring in pennies for a month. Give them a prize for collecting the most money. You will be amazed at how many pennies kids can collect. A pizza party for the winning class is usually a big hit, or an extra recess. Ask local companies or businesses if they would like to make a donation in memory or honor of someone. The possibilities are endless. These are just a few ideas that do not take a whole lot of effort, but make a big difference.

April Awareness Donation Jar
April Awareness Donation Jar


If you get out there and share your story with anyone that will listen and I know that they will be willing to help. Start out small and work your way up trying new things. As the song goes…pennies make dimes and dimes make dollars. Please don’t think that if you only raise a small amount it isn’t worth it, because it is! Our donation jar got us $401.65 during the month of April. If we can get 25 people to do this, that’s possibly $10,000.00. The life you help save may be someone you know, or even you yourself. One final thing, you will not believe how good you are going to feel after doing one of these activities. In my case when someone asks me why I do all this, my answer is simple. “This is the only thing left that we can do for Brad now.”

2013 A Night to Remember Brad Vanness
2013 A Night to Remember Brad Vanness


God Bless you All

Randy Vanness

Father of a Myocarditis victim and

Myocarditis Foundation Board Member

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