The National Day of Giving, Tuesday, November 28th, will be here tomorrow…

The Myocarditis Foundation prides itself not as a “donation” based website, but as “the most relevant information and help site for Myocarditis”.

We so often hear from our callers, “Wow, I learned so much more from just talking to you about Myocarditis…”

The truth is, our Foundation depends on donations to continue the work we do, helping those affected by Myocarditis. Being there for those who call, email, or who even just go to our website, costs money.

Donations are our lifeline. The Myocarditis Foundation doesn’t have any other form of revenue, other than a few small corporate grants, to help us at our various specific events. These grants are not guaranteed.

The Myocarditis Foundation’s Mission is three-fold:

  1. Raise awareness and educate both the medical as well as the public communities on Myocarditis.
  2. Raise funds for research specific for Myocarditis.
  3. Emotionally support those that have been affected by Myocarditis.

The Myocarditis Foundation’s singular goal by doing this is to save more lives from Myocarditis.

YOUR donations help us do all of this.

Please remember these statistics:

  • Myocarditis is the 3rd leading cause of Sudden Death in Children & Young Adults
  • Myocarditis accounts for 45% of Heart Transplants in the U.S.

To continue our commitment to battling myocarditis, and being a 24/7 service response, we need your help.

 I hope you will consider making a donation today, for “Giving Tuesday”, or any day, to support our ongoing efforts. THANK YOU!

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Contact Us

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