On Tuesday March 22nd, the Myocarditis Foundation participated in a Community Health Fair at one of the Middle Schools here in Kingwood, Texas. This was the first event of its kind in 10 years, per Devon Drew, the organizer of the event and the 7th and 8th grade Girl’s Health Athletic Coach at Kingwood Middle School. She was excited to see the participation from the community and hopes to keep this event ongoing in the future.

32 Local Businesses participated offering various health information and conducting health screenings for the attendees. This was a great opportunity for the Myocarditis Foundation to get involved in the local community, creating awareness not only about the Foundation and what we do but also to educate parents and middle school age children about the disease.

The room was buzzing with the flurry of activity at each booth. The Foundation had a carousel wheel with various colors. Each color had a specific question about the heart and the inflammatory heart diseases, Myocarditis and Pericarditis. After a brief educational lesson on the heart and myocarditis, each person had a chance to spin the wheel, answer a question and win a prize. (Stress ball hearts, heart magnetic clips, Myocarditis Foundation bracelets, and of course stickers and candy!) Everyone was a winner in a multitude of ways.

The Foundation also had invitations to speak at 3 various company’s future events and share this much needed information with others.

It was a wonderful evening for all involved!

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