The Myocarditis Foundation Board of Directors Meeting and Training was an exciting time as we are celebrating our Tenth Anniversary since IRS approval as a nonprofit. Candace Moose opened the meeting on Saturday, Jan. 10th, 2015, with a presentation on what was accomplished each year as well as a celebration of the award of the 14th Research Fellowship Grant and/or American Heart Association Research Fellowship Grant, with dollars raised by our generous donors, totaling close to $500K dollars, bringing us closer to a cure.


Dr. Cooper followed with a Ten Year Retrospective of Myocarditis Research. Dr. Jack Price, Pediatric Cardiologist at Texas Children’s Heart Center, then presented on the Statistics, Research, Diagnosis and Treatment of Myocarditis Children. Dr. Price will be posting a blog on our website in coming weeks with highlights of that presentation. Dr. DeLisa Fairweather will also post a blog that discusses a current research avenue which explores the existence of bad versus good inflammation in human disease and why she believes this is an especially important avenue to explore in the diagnosis of myocarditis in the future. Following the Annual Meeting of the Corporation of the Myocarditis Foundation Board of Directors, Jim Moose conducted a three hour session on Sunday which resulted in the development of both one and three year Strategic Plans for the foundation. It was a very exciting event. Watch future blog posts for follow up information.

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