Myocarditis Foundation Education Programs Update

The Myocarditis Foundation had started an education push for getting myocarditis education out in 2018, initially through a grant with the help of the Abbott Foundation, previously the St. Jude Medical Foundation. It has shown success in improving the knowledge of doctors and nurses/nurse practitioners and we will be continuing the program throughout 2019.

Families have written in to the Foundation to say that if it wasn’t for the nurse telling the doctor in the Emergency Room, could this be myocarditis, they feel that the diagnosis would not have been made and their child would not have had a successful outcome.

The ER Nurse Education Program has been ongoing, with results coming in slowly but steadily. We have contacted 93 Emergency Rooms in 25 different States thus far. 30% of the Emergency Rooms have agreed to participate. 22% of those, have already returned their tests to us and received their certificates of education and laminated education sheets for the doctors to refer to and potentially help correctly make the diagnosis. The pre-tests have confirmed the need for education on myocarditis and the post-tests that the education was successful. This is an ongoing process and I will continue it through 2019 as well.

With the success of educating the nurses at the Southeastern Seaboard Nurses Emergency Room Conference in person last year, and with sending the education to the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner’s Convention in Chicago, also last year, I was able to reach over 2,000 nurses/nurse practitioners with the education on myocarditis and how to potentially think outside the box in diagnosing myocarditis. This March, I will be attending the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Conference in New Orleans. The Myocarditis Foundation will have a booth where I will be sharing information on myocarditis and potential “out of the box” ways to diagnose or look for myocarditis. I will also be able to speak with the 1800 nurse practitioners who will be attending the conference about the Myocarditis Foundation as well and hope that they will share our information with patients and their families.

The donations that you so generously make to the Myocarditis Foundation helps us to continue our efforts in getting this information out there to where it means the most. Helping doctors and nurses/nurse practitioners, “think outside the box”, means for improved diagnoses being made until we have a specific diagnostic tool for diagnosing viral myocarditis. Thank you for all that you do to help make this possible.