Last Thursday, the company I work for voluntarily shut down its global operation for the day and ballow its employees to dedicate time back to the local community.  I decided, after my son became ill with Myocarditis that I would give back or if you will “pay it forward” to someone in a similar circumstance.  It was just about a year ago on the 4th of May that I was in the Cardiac ICU unit and realized that I hadn’t taken a shower or brushed my teeth in a couple of days.  I asked the nurse at one point where I could purchase a toothbrush, soap, etc.  She smiled at me and handed my wife & I a toiletry bag that a family or individual had donated.  


Fast forward a year later, the Boston office where I work created 300 similar toiletry bag for needy parent(s) whose child is unexpectedly ill. These bags were created thanks to 100% donated items, including the bags from the Myocarditis Foundation.  These types of kits are simple to make and are in great demand by any/all local hospitals. I hope this posting may inspire you to consider doing the same for your local hospital.  It’s always a good time to pay it forward.

By: Christopher Corso

Father of a Myocarditis survivor



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