Little Girl Takes Her Last Breath in Her Mother’s Arms the Same Day She Developed Flu-Like Symptoms

Family Works with the Myocarditis Foundation to Ensure Many More “Melita’s Moments”

As told by Chris and Lita Warmbold, Abilene, TX

Our daughter was named for myself, her mother, Lita & her grandmother, Olita (her best friend). She was the lifelong dream of my husband Chris, his “Baby Girl”.

On September 21, 2011, 18 days past her 3rd birthday, I had kept her home from daycare because of “flu-like” symptoms. I had taken her to the Pediatrician mid-day when she had showed signs of her blood pressure dropping, we were sent home with a prescription for nausea and told to give it a day and what we hoped was a virus would pass. At 5pm that afternoon Melita took her last breath, seconds later in my arms her heart stopped. It took an excruciating 90 days to determine the cause of our daughters passing, viral myocarditis.

Like too many other Parents we do not want our daughter to be forgotten, nor do we want the sum of her life to be of her death. My husband is military and in regards to our daughters passing the military truly stepped up to take care of their own. With the small life policy the military provided we covered the funeral expenses and the remainder we donated.  We donated to her daycare, and took donations in place of flowers at her funeral to purchase outdoor water fountains & benches for the playground.  We also donated a small amount to our local church for their new child care facility.

We felt it only right to give back to the people who helped us educate, and develop our beautiful, joyous, bright, charming and tenacious little lady. Our daughter taught her friends and family to love unconditionally, and have faith and trust God regardless of the outcome. These moments as well as others where we have had the opportunity to share and to help heal and minister to other’s we call Melita’s Moments and our lives have been filled with many.

By working with the Myocarditis Foundation increasing awareness and providing funding for research, we hope that our lives as well as others will be filled with many more.

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