Precious 4 month old loses battle to Viral Myocarditis

Rian was a Thanksgiving baby, born on November 16, 2015. Our family gathered and celebrated his arrival with food and festivities. Each holiday that followed, we realized he liked celebrations. He was never fussy and always alert. Rian went to his doctor for his routine monthly checkup at the end of February. He had a runny nose and the doctor just said to use saline drops to help keep his nose clean. He seemed better, but on March 6, 2016, he became irritable and I held him close. It was unlike him to cry so much. Suddenly he let out a scream and his arm dropped. I tried to wake him but no response. We called for help…The police came…

Then the ambulance.
He was alive.
Then, the sirens.
Then the longest ride ever.
The medics saying “oh no.”
The hospital doctors working on him for 3 hours.
“His heart is not beating on its own. Do you want us to stop?” the doctors asked.

“No,” I said. We’d still be there if it were up to me.

Finally, a decision was made that Rian was gone.
I was numb. I don’t really remember a lot more after that.

It took 3 months to get the full results from his organs to find out what happened to my little king. When they called to tell me it was myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) I didn’t know what that was.

My baby Rian died because a virus attacked his heart.

How could this be?

My oldest son Richeon and I are writing a book on loss and healing thru a mother and brother’s journey. The attached writing in blue is an excerpt from the children’s book we are working on together.  It will be published in early 2017 and we hope it will comfort others who have lost a beloved child. I hope that Rian’s story will help people dealing with myocarditis to understand that they are not alone.

A portion of the proceeds from the book sales will be donated to the Myocarditis Foundation. We need to raise awareness about this disease to both the medical and public communities so that others do not suffer the anguish and suffering that we and others have had to endure.

Knowledge Nurtures Hope…

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