Shannon Mauldin’s Story
El Reno, Oklahoma

Shannon, was a healthy 31-year-old mother, wife, daughter, sister, and aunt, who every one depended on for one thing or another. Shannon was only 31 but had been on her job for 12 years starting at the bottom working her way up the corporate ladder. She was a financial advisor for the elderly and their families. She knew all aspects of this part of life for the elderly. Many times as her mother I would be visiting at her work and saw her go into her purse and give a resident money for one thing or another.

Shannon was a success story. She became a mother to a son at age 16 and worked very hard to provide for him all he needed and most all he wanted. She was never able to have any other children although she desperately wanted more. She was the sister to only one sibling and the only aunt to one niece. She was also the best friend any one could ask for. She was the sweetest daughter her father and I could have ever wished for. She was kind, giving, and put every one else’s needs before her own. She was madly in love with her husband. She loved all animals, but most of all her dogs Maggie and Mattie.

Shannon also loved life and the lake. The last holiday she had was the 4th of July 2015. We all spent it together at the lake enjoying family, food and reworks. On the Sunday as we packed to leave, Shannon said in the most sincere tone of voice “Mom I just love this place, I never want to leave.” On the way home that day is when I noticed something not quite right with her. When we arrived home she came in and for the first time in years I took her temp. It was 101.7. The next day she called in sick, which she never did, and went to an urgent care center. The doctor treated her as if she had the u, gave her a shot and sent her home. The next day, Tuesday, she was short of breath, had a fever and tightness in her chest. Her mother-in-law took her to the Emergency Room and at that time we knew how serious it was. She was transported by ambulance to the nearest heart hospital and a pace maker was placed. Shannon kept getting worse and on a Friday early morning at 4 a.m. she had a heart attack.

As a mother, this is some thing you never want to see. Shannon was placed on the ECMO machine. She never regained a pulse. She is missed each and every day.

The reason I want to share her story is because Shannon was always giving to others. If her story can help another family, maybe just maybe, it will help her friends and family heal. This horrible disease strikes the most unlikely people and a cure needs to be found and found fast.

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