Each year in December the Myocarditis Foundation awards Research Fellowship Grants. The purpose of our research program is twofold: one, to advance the science behind myocarditis which may someday lead to better treatments and faster diagnostics with the goal of saving young lives, and two, to create life-long myocarditis researchers who are committed to this field of medicine. Every year we advertise to researchers across the US and Canada, seeking applications from qualified investigators who must work under experienced mentors. After receipt of those applications in early December our esteemed Medical Advisory Board scores and ranks the applications based on their merit, achievability, originality and on the experience of the mentor and the candidate. The amount of each grant if $40,000 which funds a year of research.

A very unusual circumstance occurred this year, our Tenth Anniversary year! The quality of three grants we received was exceptional, leaving the Myocarditis Foundation unable to fund two very valuable grants. These grant applications are from two of the most prestigious medical institutions in the US. The loss of both the immediate and the long term potential of these grants from both the perspective of the advancement of science and the lifetime productivity of the researcher in the field of myocarditis is heartbreaking.

Therefore, the MF is extending a special appeal. If your circumstances permit, would you consider funding in whole or in part a portion of a research grant? This is a perfect time for private family foundations and individuals who benefit from association with the Myocarditis Foundation and all of our functions and materials to give back, to support our research program to help us end this disease and stop this suffering. Physician and Researcher members of our Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board are experienced and credentialed in the field of myocarditis and are able to evaluate grants worthy of funding. These grants are worthy of your support. Please give today.

Send your check to The Myocarditis Foundation at 3518 Echo Mountain Drive, Kingwood, TX 77345, with research grant program noted in the memo line or donate via our website at myocarditis.viewsamplesite.com.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families. We could never have gotten this far without you. But we still have a long way to go. Please partner with us.

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