A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to all our follower friends, Myocarditis Family, and guests…

We all have various new year resolutions…weight loss, exercise more, eat healthier, be more positive, be less critical of others, drink less or drink more (depending on what you are drinking), but have you ever thought of these?

* Instead of giving “Wedding Reception or Shower Favors”, spending money on an item that most will place in a drawer, forget about, and discard years later…make a donation to the Myocarditis Foundation instead…your guests will think very highly of you and your generosity.

* For the person you do not know what to give for their Birthday or Christmas, or Hanukah…making a donation to the Myocarditis Foundation in their honor, is better than a gift they will probably never even use.

* This is sad, but so true, flowers at a wake (of which most are just discarded)…when a donation to the Myocarditis Foundation, for Research and Education, can help fight a disease that affects so many young and otherwise healthy children…the deceased will be very honored, I am sure, that a donation was made in their honor.

Over the last few years, people have been moving toward gift certificates because they hate buying people stuff they don’t want or need…this is a logical extension of that.

For those who worry about looking crass or cheap, the notice that is sent to the recipient/honoree doesn’t state the amount donated unless the giver chooses to do so.

Check us out on “Guide-Star”…Non-Profits in the Guide-Star Database are registered with the IRS, or meet IRS requirements for being a tax-exempt organization. Remember, according to the American Institute of Philanthropy, at least 60% of your donation should go to the cause you want to sponsor. 88% of Myocarditis Foundation dollars goes to our mission and program.

Please think of the Myocarditis Foundation for any occasion where you would normally give a gift.

We thank you for your continued generosity to the Myocarditis Foundation!

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