On this, the Lord’s Day, we at the Myocarditis Foundation give thanks for all that that we have been able to help and pray that we can stop the suffering and loss of family that our enemy, Myocarditis, causes to so many.

At this, the beginning of the “Giving Season”, please remember the Myocarditis Foundation in your prayers and in your Holiday Giving.

The strength of prayer is so powerful as many of you already know. Donations to the Myocarditis Foundation are needed as well, to help us continue our mission of helping others.

The strength of even a small donation from you, helps us to support our mission of helping others get through their difficult times with this disease.

Please remember the Myocarditis Foundation, this # Giving Tuesday, December 1st.

Please go onto our website, myocarditis.viewsamplesite.com and download a donation form which you can mail in, or simply hit the DONATE button and donate via PayPal with your credit card. You can get points for other purchases that way!

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