International Symposium on Inflammatory Heart Disease in Marburg, Germany The Myocarditis Foundation was asked to attend and provide support as a patron of Dr. Bernhard Maisch’s Symposium of Inflammatory Heart Disease in Marburg, Germany.

Dr. Leslie Cooper, president of the Myocarditis Foundation, was a guest speaker as well as many world-renowned physicians from around the globe.

It was a wonderful opportunity for this group of physicians, who specialize in this small area of inflammatory heart disease, to come together and discuss their ideas, research, and case findings. Topics of discussion included not only myocarditis and Giant Cell Myocarditis, but also pericarditis and cardiomyopathy. See the official program for the complete list of physicians and the topics of their talks.

International Symposium on Inflammatory Heart Disease in Marburg, Germany

Lindsey Davis, Communications Coordinator of The Myocarditis Foundation, attended the symposium to represent the foundation and to provide our services and materials to these international physicians. Our foundation was well-received and a great interest was sparked in the work we do with not only our researchers, but the many families affected by myocarditis.

We feel that by having the foundation participate in this meeting, we have begun to reach out to the international community and can now help people around the world. The Myocarditis Foundation also made the beginning steps in creating partnerships with other organizations in other countries of the world.

Opportunities like this could not happened without the support of the many families who have donated to the Myocarditis Foundation. We thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to attending symposiums in the future in an effort to spread awareness and bring further attention to this diseases that has such a pronounced impact on so many families.

Download the Official Program (PDF, 315 KB)

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