Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD, Mayo Clinic, FL,  is second author on an article recently published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, January 31, 2020. Other authors on the article are Dr. DeLisa Failrweather, PhD, also from Mayo and Dr. Bettina Heidecker, MD with the Cherite in Germany. Dr. Heidecker was also one of our previous Fellowship Grant Recipients.

Translational Research is the process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address clinical medical needs to create new therapies, medical procedures or diagnostics.

This article titled, “Myoglobin for Detection of High-Risk Patients with Acute Myocarditis”, deals with looking at routine blood markers and correlating them with routine cardiac MRI’s for confirming acute myocarditis.

This is the first study to demonstrate a strong correlation between myoglobin with late Gadolinium enhancement (LGE) on cardiac MRI in patients with acute myocarditis. Their data suggests that myoglobin is not only a valuable qualitative, but also quantitative marker for LGE in patients with myocarditis.

Their findings may aid is assessing risk for myocarditis when Cardiac MRI (CMR) is not immediately accessible. Since myoglobin testing is available in most emergency rooms as a routine laboratory test, it may add value in guiding triage to transfer patients to tertiary care centers for further imaging.


Please go to this site to read the entire abstract:


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