I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the wonderful achievements of the Myocarditis Foundation this past year, as well as the exciting plans and projects for 2014.

The Myocarditis Foundation marks 2013 with many significant accomplishments, all helping to achieve our mission or awareness, research, and support.   One of our biggest accomplishments is the success of our new website.  Since its launch late last year, we have averaged over 300,000 hits per month compared to just 5,000 prior to our website re-design.  We are also proud of the success of our first official Family Support Meeting, held to provide information and answer questions for the many families affected by myocarditis.  Over 30 events have been held on behalf of the Myocarditis Foundation around the country and even in places as far away as Africa and Scotland!  One of the highlights this year was a fundraiser with the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team.

The Myocarditis Foundation has also made big strides in the medical community.  We held our second annual Researcher Workshop, which provided mentoring to our research grant recipients to help guide their careers paths in the field of myocarditis research.  Additionally, we have attended and participated in several national heart-failure conferences around the US.  The Myocarditis Foundation has also joined several national medical organizations, and even lobbied Capitol Hill to bring awareness to this disease.

Due to our many accomplishments and highly successful year, the Myocarditis Foundation is growing at an astonishing rate.  With growth comes more responsibilities, cost, and need; therefore, the Myocarditis Foundation has begun to expand our Board of Directors to ensure we can continue to serve our mission as we expand and grow.  The Myocarditis Foundation is also seeking to increase our endowment fund to guarantee the Myocarditis Foundation will be sustained for the foreseeable future.

We also have big plans for our awareness programs.  The Myocarditis Foundation is working on a project to take information into ERs, expanding our Not a Blank Canvas traveling exhibit, and searching for new contacts in the athletic and professional sports world.  The Myocarditis Foundation will also have a presence in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe at medical conference in the coming year in an effort to meet global needs.

Please consider donating to the Myocarditis Foundation so we can make 2014 the best year yet.  Remember; the Myocarditis Foundation is the only organization dedicated specifically to all forms of myocarditis and all our research grants go directly to myocarditis-specific research.  We want to save more lives from this disease, and it is only through your support that this is possible.

Thank you and I wish you the very best this holiday season.


Lindsey Davis

Director, The Myocarditis Foundation

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